Curious how it works?

Digitization is the process of converting your artwork into a file format used by industrial embroidery machines. Make My Cap Digitization provides a high-quality, intricate stitch file with the best level of detail available.

Every piece of artwork is hand-converted by one of our designers into a new file that works best for our machines. We must modify each logo to meet our very high-quality standards. Not all artwork translates to an exact match. Some elements and details may be removed to create the best overall design for embroidery. If your logo or artwork will not work as-is, you will receive a digital art proof via email for approval. As soon as you approve your art proof we will proceed with your order.

We keep your artwork on file for all future orders. The digitizing fee only applies once per design/logo.


We use Helvetica Neue Bold font for all text requested through our customizer. Please keep checking back with us as we evolve, add more fonts, and improve and upgrade our customizer!

Embroidery Size Areas

Embroidery Size Areas:

Front Center [Max Size 5.00”W x 2.25”H] Flat or 3D embroidery
Front Left or Right Panel [Max Size 2”W x 2”H] Flat or 3D embroidery
Back (Across Back Seam) [Max Size 4”W x 1.6”H] Flat embroidery only
Fitted Back (Straight Across) [Max Size 4”W x 2”H] Flat embroidery only
Side [Max Size 2.25”W x 2”H] Flat embroidery only

Front art has a max of 15 colors.
Back and side art has a max of 8 colors.


While every attempt is made to reproduce thread colors accurately, colors on your monitor may not precisely match thread colors. Color names are for your reference only. When you order please refer to each color by color number. 

Embroidery FAQS

Q: How low or close to the visor can my design be embroidered?

A: Front panel of caps = bottom of logo can be 13mm(0.5in) up from the visor. Side panels of caps = bottom of the logo can be 19mm(.75in) from the bottom edge of the cap. Knits = bottom of the logo can be 13mm(0.5in) up from the bottom edge of the knit.

Q: Can any size or style of lettering be embroidered?

A: Letters that are too small or certain font styles do not embroider well. Fonts with serifs and thin strokes are not ideal for embroidery at small sizes. It is also good to avoid excessive outlines around letters, especially at small sizes.

Q: Can designs with gradients be embroidered?

A: Color gradients or shading are not practical in embroidery. There are limits to what can be achieved with needle and thread. We cannot duplicate color gradients within small letters or objects. This can only be done within larger objects or shapes. Typically, we can do a 2 or 3-color gradient effect. When gradients have many more colors, trying to reproduce them with embroidery is not the best approach unless the embroidered image is very large.

Q: Can any design be made 3D?

A: Unfortunately, not every logo is well suited for this effect. Designs with bold, wide satin stitch columns allow for the most dimensional embroidery. The long, loose stitches allow the foam to remain high and uncompressed. Though you can use fill stitching to cover 3D foam, it compresses the foam more than satin stitches. 3D is more suitable for simple and bold designs like team letters or simple graphical logos. It is not suitable for complicated designs. It is difficult to maintain fine embroidery details using foam when the text gets small. 3D embroidery works best with large blocks or large round-shaped letters and logos.

Q: Why do the Print & Embroidery versions of my logo look different?

A: There is a trade-off between print and embroidery. In print, letters can be smaller and colors can be blended more intricately than in embroidery. Embroidery has limitations that aren't recognized in print. Designs that contain small lettering, tiny details, gradients, and the like are hard to reproduce in thread. Eliminating complex portions of your design will simplify the design making it better for embroidery.

Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Tips for great embroidery

Large and clear graphics will embroider best.

Fonts should be at least 1/4" in height.

Small & skinny text will be removed or enlarged.

The simpler, the better.